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I wanna say thank you to:

My sweet boyfriend who helps me through everything
since we first met :) and supports me very well!

Boy: (Sebas his Dog... our little 'child')

Marco, Bart and Hans:
My two brothers and my father for their support
and their patient with me.
My mama, who passed away on the 23rd of May 2000.

Just for being a great friend! *hug*

I'm glad we're in touch again!! *hug*

For being a great friend and your help with my songs!

The Kelly's:
For their music that is so recognizable to me...

Everyone from "Het Kletshoekje":
For keeping me busy the last 5 months

And of course all other friends,
that I have known through the years!
Eventhough I didn't name you all (yet)
you guys are still in my heart!!!!!